Express Drying Boots & Wrapido KIT / Horse

Color: Tartan
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With this total package, you get both 4 Express Boots and 1 Wrapido tail dryer for your horse.

The Express Boots is a simple drying boot with our Wet2Dry technology. Use it to optimize your time in the barn and reduce the drying time. The boots consist of loose absorbent 'pads' which are fastened with the outer layer of fabric, and are therefore easy to wash and use again and again.

- One-size - fits most horses
- The package contains 4 boots
- Antibacterial and odor reducing material
- Can be machine washed and tumble dried

Wrapido is a drying tail bag with Wet2Dry technology that dries the horse's tail in just 15 minutes.

- It absorbs 7 times its own weight in water
- Can dry several tails right after each other
- Has antibacterial and odor-reducing properties
- Light, durable, comfortable and safe
- Possible to wash in washing machine and tumble dryer

How to use the WRAPIDO tail bag

- Secure the open end with the velcro band at the base of the tail
- Put the tail in the drying bag
- Twist the drying tail bag around several times until it fits tightly and tightly around the tail and bend the drying bag up towards the root of the tail
- Attach the lower Velcro strap through the metal D-ring
- In 10-15 minutes, the horse's tail will have achieved a dryness that makes it perfect for brushing and braiding

Care: Before washing the tail dryer in the machine, make sure that the velcro straps are attached so that the small hooks do not catch other material during the wash. Machine wash at 30 degrees Celcius (select wool/silk programme). Tumble dry then.

How to use the EXPRESS boots

Place the boot around the horse's leg. Secure it using the velcro straps. Make sure the boots covers the leg down to the hock / top of the hoof. After approx. 20-35 minutes the leg will be 90% dry and you can remove the boot again. Drying time depends on how wet the leg is and how long/thick the hair is.

To cool the horse's legs, you can put the moist pad in the freezer for about 1 hour (depending on how moist the pad is and what type of freezer you use). Remove the pad while it is still flexible and before it is frozen solid. Then you put the boots back on the horse's leg. Remove it again after about 10-15 minutes.

Care: Before machine washing, make sure that the Velcro straps are attached so that the small hooks do not catch other material during the wash. Wash at 30 degrees Celcius (select wool/silk programme). Tumble dry afterwards.

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