FlexPad / Saddlepad with cushions

€67,50 €135
Color: Black

FlexPad is an innovative saddle pad created for optimal comfort for both you and your horse. With adjustable cushions for extra support both front and back, an ergonomic design and a shock-absorbing material. The saddle pad has a hollow inner core, which enables air to circulate and thus dampen the build-up of sweat and heat under the saddle.
- Perfect for both hot and cold climates, where sweat build-up can be a challenge
- Suitable for all equestrian sports, including competition and endurance activities
- Reduces impact for both rider and horse
- Extends the active time without having to change and clean wet saddle pads
- Easy to rinse off dirt and can be machine washed at 40 degrees
- Is dry after centrifugation
- One-size – fits most saddle sizes

FlexPad is a lightweight saddle pad with many functions that has a unique cushion system that provides support where you and your horse need it.

FlexPad Horse has a unique pocket system where you can insert and remove the special 3D shock-absorbing net, so that it provides optimal support and stability for your saddle. The 3D mesh has the effect that the horse's amount of sweat under the saddle is reduced, without the horse's hair being torn when it moves.

The length is 66 cm.

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