Wet2Dry Technology

Wet2Dry is an ultra absorbent fabric technology which was developed by Lissen Marschall, the founder of Siccaro in 2012.

The search began when Ms Marschall, was looking for a textile formula which would provide the highest level of absorbency and as a dog lover she realised how incredible it was for the purpose of drying wet dogs.

Thus far, the absorbency of Wet2Dry can hold more than 7 times its weight in water or in a drying context, has the ability to get a wet dog 90% dry within 15 minutes*. The entire dog range of Siccaro features the Wet2Dry fabric technology to get dogs dry and warm as quickly as possible which is invaluable after being active. Interestingly, the water holding capacity of Wet2Dry can be increased by creating a thicker grade textile meaning that the highest potential of the fabric is yet to been seen.

Wet2Dry now features in all 5 of the products that Siccaro has created for drying wet dogs which includes the most popular Supreme Pro dog drying robe, the Spirit and Splash dog drying coats, the FlexDog Mat and DryGloves which are now available in outlets across Europe and online at www.siccaro.com

Siccaro is discussing potential concepts which would expand the range of products that feature Wet2Dry in the coming years. Research and development of other technical textiles is also ongoing with plans to add to their current range of innovative solutions for dogs and horses. *depending on the length and thickness of the fur.

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