Tired of drying your wet dog with towels after a rainy walk?


With our products you achieve an effective and fast drying time of 15-20 minutes and shorten the time your dog is wet and cold. Protects your dog and reduces odor. You can take us with you on the go and we can also handle a trip in the washing machine.

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For all dog owners

From wet to dry in 15 minutes

No more wet and smelly towels and water all over the walls after a walk in the rain. Our products are created to make life easier for all dog owners – and they are comfortable for the dog too!

With our drying coats you have the world's most efficient way to dry your dog. Just 15 minutes and then you have a sofa-dry dog.

Our coats cover all needs. From helping out on a rainy day, when the dog needs a bath or after a swim in the sea or lake.

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No more wet dog smell

Saves you time and reduces smell

Are you tired of drying your dog with a towel? With our drying coats both you and your dog avoid the hassle of towels. Your dog dries faster, it can move freely, all while you achieve a much faster drying time and a more satisfying result.

Our products are made with antibacterial bamboo which help reduce bad odors when your dog is wet, making them ideal, regardless of whether you are at home or on the go. We promise that, for example, the drive home from a rainy trip will be a completely different experience with a Siccaro drying coat.

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Take care of each other

Quite simply

Our dogs are a constant source of joy, well-being and fresh air. Regardless of the weather. As much as they give us, we think we should give back to our dogs. And we do that best by looking after each other.

Your dog is just as susceptible to weather and wind as you are. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to give your dog a long and happy life. Our drying coats reduce the time your dog is wet and cold. As a dog owner you have the opportunity to help prevent your dog from developing, for example, hotspots and osteoarthritis.

We have products for all kinds of dogs. Regardless of whether your dog requires extra protection when out in the field, or you simply want to make bathing and wet walks a simple, fun and odor-free experience.

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What our customers say

Keep the dog dry and warm

Recommended by veterinarians

"Actually, I think all dog breeds benefit from a drying coat." - Marika Kristensen, Veterinarian at Ølby Animal Hospital

A drying coat is not only a great help in everyday life with a wet dog, but also an advantage for the dog's well-being. Several vets recommend Siccaro for water-loving dogs and active dogs, as a dry and warm dog has less risk of being affected by, for example, skin diseases such as hotspots or muscle and joint injury as a result of an active life.

Now with more coverage of the hind legs

The ultimate drying coat

Siccaro Solution / 55 Drying Coats

Solution / 55


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