World’s Most Absorbent Drying Robe

Siccaro is the Ferrari of dog drying coats. There is simply nothing out there that compares to it.

— Lene Søgaard, Siccaro customer

Premium quality

effective drying robes

that work even for fluffiest dogs.

DESIGNED in Denmark and made in EU

Our products are designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe to ensure premium quality and guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

RECOMMENDED by professionals

Siccaro products are used by professional dog trainers, handlers dogs working in search&rescue, law reinforcement, law enforcement and hunting.

INNOVATIVE Absorbent Fabric

Innovative fabric developed at Siccaro is designed to maximize absorbency, odour reduction and durability. It even works on double-coated dogs.

At the core of our dog robes is Wet2Dry® technology:

two layers that work together to absorb water from the dog’s coat and expel it. In all the products of Wet2Dry line, the inner layer is made of a carefully designed viscose blend, non-woven and optimized for maximum absorbency and durability.

Due to the properties of viscose fibre, it picks up and retains a lot of water which makes it the first choice for products that require absorbency, like medical or hygiene products.

Blended the right way, it also becomes machine washable which means that it can be used and re-used over and over.

In SupremePro coats, the outer layer is made of terry towel originating from organic bamboo fibre. Terry towel is the familiar fabric with many small loops that trap and hold water. Viscose, to a much larger extent than cotton, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties: so viscose terry towel helps drastically reduce the smell of wet dog.

Watch how professionals use SupremePro drying robes

“Both dogs are dry within about 10 mins of putting the coats on, the car isn’t overwhelmed with the potent smell of wet dog and Badger, loves being wrapped up and warm. The coat covers not just the back, but chest and tummy too which often get the most wet and muddy and they are easy to put on even a wriggly dog.”

Kate HumbleBBC Presenter, Author & Farm owner

“Siccaro Supreme Pro really does the job very well – it fits perfectly and stays on the dog no matter how much they run about – it’s fast-drying and warm. It is a high end product,
but I would definitely recommend it to other dog owners.”

David LathamJudge at IWT14, Six Field Trial Champions, England


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About our founder: Lissen Marschall

The idea of a drying coat came to me after I had developed a super-absorbent material for use in professional hair salons. I was working with a leading English chain of hairdressers who asked us to find a solution for drying hair more quickly and more efficiently than the conventional towels and microfibre cloths.

After one and a half year’s development, my suppliers and I found the recipe for a super-absorbent material that can be reused, maintains its structure and does not produce lint. A friend of mine borrowed a few meters of the material to use when she washed her king poodles. She fashioned a simple ‘robe’ out of it to dry her dogs, and thus a new idea was born.

Siccaro’s WetDog was ready to be launched at a hunting trade fair in Denmark, in April 2014. Hunters were the first customers to embrace our new product, immediately realising the practical and health benefits it had for their working dogs, particularly during winter.