Sustainability is no longer just a choice

100% reused and reuseable

Siccaro Sealines dog leashes / 100% recycled nylon Leashes and collars
Color: Orange


Siccaro SupremePro / 3XL Drying Coats Blue GraniteSiccaro SupremePro / 3XL Drying Coats Bamboo
Sold out

SupremePro / 3XL

Siccaro Smart / 35 Drying CoatsSiccaro Smart / 35 Drying Coats

Smart / 35

Siccaro Solution / 40 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Solution / 40 Drying Coats

Solution / 40


About us

About our founder

Lissen Marschall has always been an avid animal lover and grew up surrounded by dogs and horse alike. Being an inventor probably comes from the family – her father is the inventor of the Buster protective cone that many dogs know from a trip to the vet.

Lissen originally developed the super absorbent fabric for professional hair care. But it quickly became clear just how effective it was at drying wet dogs. And so the Wet2Dry technology came to be!