6 Tips for Small Cold-Prone Dogs

Do you have a small and cold-prone dog at home? One that might not quite enjoy going for walks in the rain, wind, and snow? In this blog post, we've gathered 6 tips for you that can help keep your dog warm and comfortable in the cold.

1. Help the dog stay warm with a coat

Not all dog owners like to put clothes on their dogs, but a practical coat to keep warm on walks can be a good idea for dogs who get easily cold. Look for coats made for this purpose, such as the Recovery fleece coat.

Small dog wears the Recovery coat

Recovery is made of bamboo viscose and contains bamboo coal fibers, which reflect the dog's own body heat. This makes the coat temperature-regulating and therefore not too hot for the dog either.

2. Avoid getting soaked by cold rain

The dog needs to go out no matter the weather, and it seems to rain more and more as the years go by. But there are actually several options to help your dog if it's prone for getting cold.

One option to help cold-prone dogs in rainy weather is to give them a raincoat. Our Rainforce raincoat for dogs is a good option, as it reflects the dog's body heat on the inside and is waterproof on the outside. It's a soft and comfortable coat for the dog, while keeping it dry on most of its body.

small dog wears the Rainforce rain jacket

Another option is to let the dog get wet during the walk and then dry it effectively and quickly with a drying coat afterwards. Especially the Smart drying coat and Supreme 2.0 are popular for small breeds like Coton De Tulear, Bichon Havanese, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Cavaliers. In just 15 minutes, the drying coat absorbs 90% of the water from the dog's fur, leaving it nice and dry and warm.

two small dogs dry in their Siccaro drying coats

Some dog owners also prefer to use the drying coat as a warm blanket indoors or in the car, if it's extra cold, for example in winter.

3. Protect the small paws in the snow

Snow, ice, and salt on the sidewalks can be harmful to the dog's paws. Therefore, consider using either paw socks or balm on the dog's paws in winter to protect them from potential injuries and irritation.

4. Keep the walks short but frequent

If the temperature drops significantly, it may be best to limit the length of your walks with the dog. By taking shorter walks throughout the day, you avoid your dog getting too cold. But remember to walk a little more frequently in that case, so your dog still gets good exercise and gets rid of everything it needs to.

5. Create a warm resting place

two small dogs rest on the FlexDog drying mat

When the dog comes in from the cold, it can be nice to have a warm and comfortable place to lie down. It could be a soft and supportive dog mat like the FlexDog mat or a lovely dog bed. You can also cuddle with the dog on the couch if you're into that kind of coziness! Here, a drying coat can again be helpful if the dog has come in wet but still wants to be close to you.

6. Regular grooming can also help

A tip you might not immediately think of is grooming. A well-groomed fur can help insulate the dog's body against the cold. It's therefore a good idea to brush the dog's fur regularly (frequency depending on fur type) to remove loose hair and improve blood circulation.

Taking care of small cold-prone dogs in the cold requires a little attention and care. We hope you found one or more of our tips useful for keeping your dog warm and healthy – even in the cold.

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