Comfortable surface with Wet2Dry technology

Our dog mats have an absorbent and soft outer layer made with the innovative Siccaro Wet2Dry technology. The Wet2Dry surface consists of two layers that absorb water and wick it away. The inner layer consists of a specially designed viscose mixture that ensures optimal water absorption, and the outer layer consists of odor-reducing viscose terry. The drying mat can hold 7 times its own weight in water, so wet paws and dirty bellies are no longer a problem.

Dog blankets and mats with a shock-absorbing core

The Siccaro dog mats have an inner core, which consists of a breathable 3D material, also called 'honey-comb', because of its structure. The inner core allows water, dirt and air to pass through so nothing gets stuck and it is easy to keep clean.

The drying mats are shock absorbent and take care of your dog on long drives or while in the dog cage. Our dog mats are popular with the police, precisely because of their shock-absorbing effect, which means that the dogs can lie in the car for a long time without getting 'office elbows' or other problems with their joints.

No more wet dog smell

The Siccaro dog blankets are antibacterial and odor reducing, which creates a better indoor climate for you and your dog and can be especially valuable in the car. If you need to clean the cover, you can easily zip off the outer layer and wash it at 30 degrees celsius on a short wash cycle, so it can be used again and again. You can also read our guide to washing here.

Functional dog mat that you and your dog will love

All our dog mats can be folded in half, so they can fit in dog cages or in the back of the car when the need arises. Our dog mats are a great investment in your dog's comfort and an easier everyday life for you, as your dog can lie down at ease and dry off. Find just the right size dog mat to suit your four-legged best friend.

What is a drying mat used for?

A drying mat is an efficient and convenient way to dry your dog quickly and to reduce odors which creates a better indoor climate. Drying mats for dogs can be used in the car, in the dog cage or other places where your dog rests after a bath, a rainy walk or a swim. 

How do you clean and maintain a drying mat?

A functional drying mat has a removable cover that can be washed and cleaned. Siccaro drying mats are made of a shock absorbing 3D material that allows water, dirt and air to pass through as well as a quick-drying and highly absorbent removable cover that can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius on a short cycle in the washer.

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