The story behind it all – how does one end up making dog drying coats?

Our founder, Lissen Marschall, has always been fond of animals, and especially dogs and horses have had a special place in her life. In 2013, the dog Luna joined the family, a real water-loving dog with a thick, curly coat and a great urge to jump into Sorø Lake every time she passed by. The idea of ​​making drying coats for dogs came from a completely different project that had nothing to do with dogs. At the time, Lissen had a collaboration with a leading English hairdressing chain, which was looking for a new innovative way of drying hair, that was faster and more efficient than the conventional towel or microfiber cloth. After a year and a half of development, they hit the spot on the recipe and a new super absorbent material was born.

Lissen told one of her friends about the discovery, and she ended up borrowing a few meters of the material, which she wanted to use to dry her King Poodles after bathing. It worked beyond expectation. So fantastic, in fact, that the idea of ​​constructing a robe that the dog could wear and walk with ignited a fire in Lissen, who immediately set about further development.

Now it was Luna's turn to be the "guinea pig" - or test dog - and Lissen discovered to her great joy that the new material not only dried Luna in just 15 minutes, but also reduced the characteristic smell of wet dog so much that it had almost disappeared entirely.

In 2014, the first Siccaro drying robe, the SupremePro, was ready to be launched at a hunting fair in April. The hunters were the first customers to accept the new product. They immediately discovered the practical and health benefits of being dry and warm quickly and efficiently for their working dogs, especially in winter.

Siccaro then entered into agreements with both the Danish police and defence force, who also found the drying coats incredibly effective and useful as a tool in their work with the dogs.

With such amazing support behind us, Siccaro grew. Our mission to help dog owners to an easier everyday life with their dogs and to strengthen the dog's health and well-being was founded. We started in Denmark, but soon expanded beyond the country's borders and today have retailers in over 22 countries worldwide.

Our office is situated in the small Zealand town Sorø. From here, we work diligently to spread knowledge of the best drying solution, as well as develop our existing products and create new ones as we hear about our customers' wishes.

But even though we are a small team, we are never alone. We have a whole team of dedicated ambassadors and retailers behind us, who are always ready to lend a helping hand. They share our great passion for dogs and make us smarter about how we can best improve the health and well-being of our animals with the most functional products that fit well into their everyday life.

A small team of dog people

Siccaro is managed by a small and close-knit team of dedicated dog people. We either have or have had dogs in our lives and know how much the bond between owner and dog means. The dogs Luna and Harry therefore also often come to the office and liven up everyday life with their contagious joy and wagging tails.

With a location in Sorø, close to both forest and lake, we also always have plenty of opportunity to both test our products in action and take beautiful pictures and video. A few times a year, we also invite selected customers to photo and test days, so that we are always sure that our products meet your expectations and needs.

four wet dogs in siccaro dog drying coats

Our values

At Siccaro, we strive to always strengthen the well-being and comfort of both dog and owner. We don't spend time making products we don't believe in ourselves. That's why we only come out with innovative and well-thought-out products that you can't easily find elsewhere.

Sustainability is important to us. We always try to find the most climate-friendly solutions we possibly can instead of cutting corners with the cheapest options. For example, we use bamboo in our drying coats, which has several advantages over other materials such as cotton or microfibre. We use recycled plastic from plastic bottles for the inner 3D core of our drying mats, as well as the regenerated Econyl for our collars and dog leashes, which is a recycled material made from e.g. discarded fishing nets collected from the world's oceans. And last but not least, our products are of high quality and last for many years.

siccaro sealines

In addition to the responsibility for the products themselves, we also place a high value on the responsibility for our employees and business partners. We have therefore chosen to have our production in the EU under orderly conditions and greatly appreciate the skilled employees at the sewing studio in Latvia.

The production process – from idea to new product on the shelf

When we create a new product, the idea sprouts from a thought or a need with us or our customers. Then we start researching whether there is a market for the product, whether it already exists or not, and what we can do that others haven't done yet.

For example, our bamboo viscose is completely unique, as no one else uses the same blend and construction as we do in our Wet2Dry technology. It is precisely this special bamboo viscose that makes our drying coats so fantastic at absorbing water and at the same time removing the smell of wet dog. Another example is our Recovery fleece coat, which retains the dog's own heat instead of being thick like a sweater and thus does not inhibit the dog's freedom of movement. The newest addition to the pack is our waterproof Rainforce rain jacket, which has exactly the same fleece on the inside and keeps the dog warm without creating that clammy feeling that can otherwise easily occur in rainwear.

When we have the design and materials ready, it is all assembled in Latvia, where the skilled seamstresses with firm and practiced hands conjures up the Siccaro dog drying coats. They always send us samples and demo versions of the new products before launch, so that we can test them and adapt the design together with our dedicated Danish customers before we actually go live.