Siccaro produces one of the world's most absorbent materials called Wet2Dry and has implimented this in our dog drying coats, drying mats and gloves as well as drying boots for horses. We are a company based in Denmark that develops and produces high quality products for dogs and horses. Our best-known products are the drying coats Supreme Pro, Spirit, Solution and Smart, which are used by both family dogs, working dogs and hunting dogs. Our Sahara drying boots and Wrapido tail dryer are very popular with the busy horse riders. We launched our brand in 2013 and today we have dealers in 20 different countries.

About our founder

Lissen Marshall

"I came up with the idea for the drying coat after I had developed a super-absorbent material to be used by professional hairdressers. I was working with a leading English hairdresser who asked us to find a way to dry hair that was faster and more efficient than the conventional towel and microfiber cloth.

After a year and a half of development, my supplier and I found the recipe for a super absorbent material that can be reused, keeps its original shape and does not fray. A friend of mine borrowed a few meters of the material, which she used when she washed her king poodles. She constructed a simple coat that she used to dry her dogs, and with that a new idea was set in motion.

Siccaros SupremePro was ready to be launched at a hunting fair in April 2014. Hunters were the first customers to accept our new product. They immediately discovered the practical and health benefits it has for their working dogs, especially in winter.