Siccaro SupremePro / XS Drying CoatsSiccaro SupremePro / XS Drying Coats Olive
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SupremePro / XS

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Siccaro SupremePro / S Drying Coats ElmwoodSiccaro SupremePro / S Drying Coats Blue Granite
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SupremePro / S

Siccaro SupremePro / M Drying Coats ElmwoodSiccaro SupremePro / M Drying Coats Blue Granite
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SupremePro / M

Siccaro SupremePro / 3XL Drying Coats Blue GraniteSiccaro SupremePro / 3XL Drying Coats Bamboo
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SupremePro / 3XL

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Antibacterial and odour-reducing drying coats

Our SupremePro drying coats are made of innovative absorbent material of viscose fibers that act as antibacterial and odour-reducing, ensuring you are free from the smell of wet dog while also taking good care of your dog's health. The drying coat can hold up to 7 times its own weight in water and is excellent at retaining moisture, ensuring that your dog remains dry and warm.

Size guide and washing guide for drying coats

Under each product, you can find a size guide that instructs you on how to measure your dog and match it with the correct size. On our website, you will also find a washing guide that provides instructions on how to best care for your Siccaro product.

Take good care of your four-legged friend with freedom of movement

Our SupremePro drying coats are designed thoughfully with the well-being of your best friend in mind, ensuring it has the best conditions for a good dog life. That's why our highly absorbent drying coats are created to provide your dog with free movement while wearing the coat. Invest in your dog's well-being and make your everyday life easier today with one of Siccaro's incredible drying coats.

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