Effective drying of your horse's legs in 15-30 minutes. We produce two types of super-absorbent drying boots for horses. Our Express Drying Boots feature our innovative Wet2Dry technology, consisting of two layers that absorb and release moisture from the fur. The drying boots are antibacterial and odour-reducing, drying your horse's legs in 25-30 minutes. The package includes 4 boots. Siccaro's Sahara Drying Boots can dry your horse's legs in just 15 minutes, making them our most efficient drying solution. They are used by everyday riders as well as high performing riders such as Olympic rider Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour. They are sold in packages of 2 boots, suitable for both front and hind legs.

Reduce the risk of injuries and infection with drying boots.

By keeping your horse's legs dry, you reduce the risk of skin infections or mud fever. Especially horses with long hair around the fetlocks can benefit from super-absorbent drying boots. You can also use the boots to warm up the joints before training, preventing your horse from getting injured. Lastly, you can use the boots for cooling down after exercise, reducing the risk of overheating. Take good care of your horse's well-being with excellent drying boots from Siccaro.

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