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Pro-tect vest

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Siccaro Recovery / 25 Warming coatsSiccaro Recovery / 25 Warming coats

Recovery / 25

Siccaro Recovery / 30 Warming coatsSiccaro Recovery / 30 Warming coats

Recovery / 30

Siccaro Recovery / 35 Warming coatsSiccaro Recovery / 35 Warming coats

Recovery / 35

Siccaro Recovery / 40 Warming coatsSiccaro Recovery / 40 Warming coats Olive

Recovery / 40

Siccaro Recovery / 50 Warming coats AntraciteSiccaro Recovery / 50 Warming coats

Recovery / 50

Siccaro Recovery / 60 Warming coats AntraciteSiccaro Recovery / 60 Warming coats

Recovery / 60

Siccaro Recovery / 70 Warming coats AntraciteSiccaro Recovery / 70 Warming coats

Recovery / 70


Heat-regulating coat stimulates blood circulation

Recovery is a coat that acts as a warm fleece robe or fleece jacket, which ensures that the dog does not get cold too quickly after hard activity. The warm coats are therefore well suited for dogs that are used for hunting or dogs that are generally sensitive to cold, senior dogs or dogs that have to recover from a surgery.

The bamboo carbon fibers of the fleece material reflect the dog's body heat back and ensure that your dog's blood circulation is stimulated. The soft and comfortable fleece robe gives your dog free movement and is easy to put on. The warm coats are produced in different sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly for a large as well as a smaller dog.

Protective PRO·TECT dog vest for hunting dogs

The PRO·TECT vest is designed to take good care of your dog when you go hunting. The vest is made of a durable, puncture-free material that protects the dog's body against tears in challenging terrain. PRO·TECT is made in a slim-fit design for maximum protection and comfort for the dog.

The vest is made with 'Fir-Skin' fibres, which reflect the dog's body heat back and therefore have a temperature-regulating effect, so that your dog is neither too cold nor too hot. PRO·TECT can be used both on land and in water.

Take good care of your four-legged friend

Protect your four-legged friend by investing in ergonomic and innovative dog coats from Siccaro. Siccaro dog coats and warming jackets increase your dog's comfort during hunting, training and rest. Take good care of your dog with the right equipment.

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Do dogs need coats to keep warm?

There are several factors that determine whether your dog needs a coat or not such as breed, size, age, coat length and weather conditions. If your dog is sensitive to the cold it may benefit from wearing a coat or if you take your dog hunting a vest can protect it from getting scratches. It is important to choose a coat that caters to your dog's needs. 

When should I put a vest on my dog?

If your dog runs through challenging terrain you can protect it from getting scratches by putting a vest on your dog. Siccaro’s PRO-TECT vest has a comfortable slim-fit design and is made from temperature regulating and durable materials that can protect your dog.

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