Click-Lock buckle (pack of 2)

Color: Blue Granite

Our buckle was designed by Peter Marschall, who is, among other things, the man behind the 'Buster' dog screen.

The buckle has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle both with one hand and with gloves on.

There are two buckles in a package, which corresponds to the number on a drying coat.

Comes in Blue Granite, Sand and Olive. The color sand goes on our coats in color Elmwood, as well.

If you find that the buckle does not close completely, it may be because there is a small plastic 'wing' on the front end of the female buckle, in the way. The plastic 'wing' can be easily cut off with a hobby knife. If you want more resistance in the buckle, you can press the spring up on the female buckle with 2 fingers, so that it engages better when you press it into the male buckle.

Siccaro is the best alternative to dog towels

The Siccaro dog drying coats are super absorbent and reduce the smell of wet dog. Get your dog dry in just 15 minutes and forget all about smelly towels. Try our FlexDog mat as well for a comfortable place for the dog to dry or sleep or when driving in the car.

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