Sealines dog collars / 100% recycled nylon

Color: Orange/Silver

- The circular collar – a sustainable and stylish dog collar
- Made from regenerated ECONYL® nylon from discarded fishing nets, blankets and pre-consumer waste
- Pure recycled material that can be reused again and again
- Super strong and durable material
- Ultralight – especially an advantage for small dogs
- Designed in Denmark and responsibly produced in the EU
- OEKOTEX 100 class II certified thread

Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes
Small: 29-36cm, Medium: 36-51cm, Large: 51-66cm

Material: 100% recycled ECONYL® nylon and D-rings made of recyclable aluminum

Sealines by Siccaro is our new sustainable initiative in the dog world

A stylish dog lead and dog collar made from regenerated ECONYL® nylon from discarded fishing nets, also called ghost nets, as well as carpets and pre-consumer waste. The material has the unique property that it can be reused again and again in an eternal cycle. Nylon is super strong and durable, but at the same time the collar is light and compact and thus comfortable for the dog to wear. This makes Sealines particularly suitable for very small dogs, which are not weighed down by the collar. The cord is also lightweight and weighs less than 100 grams.


The world's oceans are full of plastic, and one of the biggest culprits is fishing nets that are left in the sea. Discarded fishing nets are estimated to amount to approx. 20% of all plastic in the ocean. These 'ghost nets' are a big problem, both because they pollute, but also because many animals, from whales to turtles, can become entangled in them and get stuck. ECONYL® is a unique type of regenerated nylon made from discarded fishing nets left in the sea, as well as carpets and pre-consumer waste from landfills. The production cycle is designed in such a way that it reduces oil and water consumption, minimizes the CO2 footprint and makes it possible to recycle endlessly, so that it can be used in new modern products, such as Sealines.

Through the production of Sealines, we become a small part of cleaning up the world's oceans and help create a circular economy by recycling plastic from various sources. Most often, plastic is otherwise only recycled once, as you can see with plastic bottles.



Sealines is a strong and durable set of dog leashes and dog collars that will last for many years, but if one day you want to get rid of it, but at the same time ensure that the leash and collar are actually recycled, then you are welcome to send them back to us. We then ensure that the material is included in the cycle again.

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