What is Selected?

Siccaro Selected is a streamlined collection of dog drying coats fit for small as well as big dogs. Get your dog 90% dry in just 15 minutes after a rainy walk, a splash in the sea or a bath.

Selected has two designs. One fit for small dogs size 25 - 40 (Pomeranian to Frenchie) and one fit for bigger dogs size 45 - 70 (Springer Spaniel to big Germen Shepherd)

How it works


Our drying coats are super absorbent due to the special fabric blend we use. We call it Wet2Dry-technology. It consists of two layers that work together to absorb water from the dog's fur and wick it away. And as a bonus it also heavily reduces the smell of wet dog.

The inner layer consists of a specially designed non-woven viscose blend optimized for maximum absorbency and durability. The outermost layer is made of terry cloth, which is made from organic bamboo fibers. The way terrycloth is made makes the material ideal for absorbing and retaining moisture.

High quality materials

We pride ourselves in using natural and reuseable materials as much as possible.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass, rather than a tree, that rarely needs to be replanted and can be harvested often. It produces a lot of oxygen for the atmosphere, in fact, more than trees.

The orange straps of the Selected drying coats are made of Econyl nylon. This nylon is made from reused plastic, partly from ghost fishing nets collected from the sea as well as a blend of industrial carpets and pre-consumer waste.

multiple functions

4 in 1 dog coat

The main function of the Selected drying coat is to dry a wet dog fast and efficiently. By doing this you can avoid a wet mess and bad smell in the home and car.

But our coats actually have three other functions as well.

The coats can keep the dog warm on a crisp autumn day, for example in the car after a walk or trip to the water.

The coats can be like a comforting blanket. Some dogs get anxious very easily and enjoy being snugly wrapped up in a soft comfortable coat like ours.

The coats can be used for cooling in the summer heat. Since the material can hold a lot of water, you can soak the coat in water before putting it on the dog for 20-30 minutes as a cooling coat.

Recommended by vets

Siccaro dog drying coats are recommended by vets who understand the importance of keeping the dog dry and warm, especially in the colder months and for active dogs.

Through the years we have sold our drying coats to several professionals: Vets as well as hunters, rescue teams, the police force and Danish military defense.


Washing guide

You do not need to wash the coat after each use, unless you feel it is necessary. You can therefore easily use the drying coat for the dog a few times or use it on several dogs before it needs to be washed.

1. Wash in the washing machine or by hand at only 30 degrees celcius

2. It is important to use a short wash cycle

3. Avoid soaking for too long

4. Use washing powder without enzymes for best results. They may be marked with 'non bio' and are recommended for natural fabric types. If you don't have that type of washing powder, you can still use ordinary washing powder as the next best solution

5. Stretch after washing while the fabric is still wet (as with a wool sweater) to reduce shrinkage

6. Run a gentle cycle in the dryer or wring out the water and hang to dry; due to the fibers of the viscose, some shrinkage must be expected (approx. 5%)

7. Avoid drying directly in the sun to preserve the color as best as possible