Sealines dog leashes / 100% recycled nylon

Color: Orange
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– The circular leash – a sustainable and stylish dog leash
– Made from regenerated ECONYL® nylon from discarded fishing nets, blankets and pre-consumer waste
– Pure recycled material that can be reused again and again
– Super strong and durable material
– Lightweight and compact dressage line – especially an advantage for small dogs
– The string weighs less than 100 grams
– Hands free - can be used around the stomach or shoulder
– Designed in Denmark and responsibly produced in the EU
– OEKOTEX 100 class II certified thread

Available in 3 fabulous colours

Material: 100% recycled ECONYL® nylon and recyclable aluminum carabiners and D-rings

Length: The Sealines cord is 2 meters long in total, from one carabiner to the other and 2cm wide. Three D-rings are attached, which make it possible to shorten the cord. If you attach it to the first, you get a normal handle and a length of 173 cm, if you attach it to the second, you get a shorter cord of 130 cm, which you can also use around the shoulder or stomach. And if you put it all the way down to the last ring, you get the shortest length of 106 cm. You can also choose to use both carabiners if you have two dogs and thus walk with two dogs on one leash.

Customer Reviews

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Alexandra (.
favorite leash since over a year

I use the sealine leashes since over a year every day for both of our Weimaraner and they are so great! super durable, super light weight, eco friendly and indestructible. Wether we are at the beach or in the mountains I will always use the sealines over all the other leashes we own. great product which I highly recommend!

Siccaro 的 Sealines 是我们在狗界的新可持续倡议

时尚的狗绳和狗项圈,由废弃渔网(也称为幽灵网)以及地毯和消费前废料的再生 ECONYL® 尼龙制成。该材料具有独特的特性,可以在永恒的循环中一次又一次地重复使用。尼龙超级结实耐用,但同时项圈又轻又紧凑,因此狗狗佩戴舒适。这使得 Sealines 特别适合非常小的狗,它们不会被项圈压垮。电源线也很轻,重量不到 100 克。

再生 ECONYL® 尼龙是什么意思?

世界上的海洋充满了塑料,最大的罪魁祸首之一就是留在海里的渔网。丢弃的渔网估计总计约海洋中所有塑料的 20%。这些“幽灵网”是个大问题,不仅因为它们造成污染,还因为从鲸鱼到海龟的许多动物都可能被它们缠住并卡住。 ECONYL® 是一种独特的再生尼龙,由留在海中的废弃渔网、地毯和垃圾填埋场的消费前废物制成。生产周期的设计旨在减少油和水的消耗,最大限度地减少二氧化碳排放量,并使无限循环成为可能,因此它可以用于新的现代产品,如 Sealines。

通过 Sealines 的生产,我们成为清理世界海洋的一小部分,并通过回收各种来源的塑料来帮助创造循环经济。大多数情况下,塑料只能回收一次,就像塑料瓶一样。



Sealines 是一套坚固耐用的狗牵引绳和狗项圈,可以使用很多年,但如果有一天您想要摆脱它,但同时要确保牵引绳和项圈实际上是可回收的,那么您就是欢迎将它们寄回给我们。然后我们确保材料再次包含在循环中。