Do you go hunting with your dog? Here's why you need a drying coat


We all want the best for our dogs, especially when they are actively used for hunting. It's important to be in top shape. A healthy and well-trained dog is necessary to achieve the best partnership and the best results.

An active day in the field can last for many hours and doesn't stop just because the temperature drops or it starts to rain. But while you may be prepared for the cold and wet weather, your dog isn't in the same way. Dogs can certainly handle being outdoors, but with a drying coat for your dog, you can extend your training, field trial, or hunting day and get even more out of the day than you normally would – without compromising the dog's comfort or health.

A cold and wet dog is more likely to become chilled after several hours outdoors. Even though the dog is active during the day, there are still periods when the dog is still or you take breaks. During these times, it would be beneficial to keep the dog dry and warm as it will recover faster and not expend its energy on keeping itself warm and dry. The dog can instead use that energy when you resume.

There is also scientific consensus that keeping muscles and joints warm can reduce the risk of injuries and conditions such as arthritis in dogs.

"In the cold autumn and winter months, it can be advantageous to keep your dog warm, both in terms of muscle injuries, joint injuries, etc., if you train or go hunting with your dog. A warm coat has the function of keeping the dog's core warm, and with a drying coat, it also has the function of drying the dog faster, so it doesn't lose as much heat from its surface." – Marika Kristensen, Veterinarian at Ølby Animal Hospital.

"You reduce the risk of injuries to your dog if, for example, you are out training with it and it just needs to take a break or sit still." - Marika Kristensen, Veterinarian at Ølby Animal Hospital.

Several of our customers who go hunting have also experienced beneficial effects from using a Siccaro drying coat.

"Well, I haven't experienced anything else that dries in that way. It's amazing how it can absorb the water out of the fur." - Anders B. Chortzen

"I have used it on all my dogs since they were young. And I'm pretty sure it extends their lifespan because they don't have to use energy to warm up." - Jakob Jensen

Unlike towels, a Siccaro drying coat with 400g Wet2Dry can be used multiple times in a day without needing a lot of time to dry. It can do so because the material is highly effective at absorbing water and moisture, being able to hold seven times its own weight in water. This means you can use it for all your breaks or for multiple dogs right after each other.

Additionally, it's also a smart way to reduce the odor of a wet dog and keep the car and home free from mud, water, and dog hair. The drying coat will significantly reduce the odor and collect all the dirt, preventing the dog from shaking it all over the place.

"It's important for our dogs to be dry during field trials and hunts, and to be cooled down when it's hot." - Mette Andersen

"It protects the dog's kidneys, which is the most important part, and it also covers his ears, preventing any fungal infections." - Cecilie Anker Johnstad-Møller

Most hunters and dog handlers use either the Siccaro Supreme 2.0 or the Siccaro Spirit 2.0 for their dogs.

Both models are made of 400 grams of Wet2Dry technology, which is our unique super-absorbent material.

Additionally, the main difference between the two drying coats is the outer layer. In the Supreme 2.0, the outer layer is made of bamboo terry, available in various colours, which adds extra absorbency. In the Spirit 2.0, the outer layer is made of a water-repellent material in a camouflage design, which is more water and wind-resistant and therefore better suited for extended outdoor use.

Would you like to help your dog retain body heat without the drying effect? The Recovery fleece coat might be something for you.

And if you want to protect your car from dirt and provide a comfortable place for your dog to lie down, our FlexDog drying mat is very popular.

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