FlexDog Drying Mats / 70x110

Color: Blue Granite/Sand
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The FlexDog drying mat is a super absorbent dog mat made with the same bamboo viscose blend as our drying coats. It is the perfect dog mat to use after wet walks or swims at the beach. The FlexDog mat is also popular as a dog blanket for the car, as it both reduces the smell of wet dogs and gives the dog a comfortable place to lie down. The mat has a 3D 'honey-comb' core which acts as a shock absorber to better support the dog while on the move.

This model of the mat measures 70x110cm and can be folded in the middle. It is available in 7 different colors.

The Camo/Sand model is a Limited Edition of which we only make a few. One side is with water-repellent camo fabric, while the other side is with our super absorbent bamboo material. Then you have both a side that dries the dog and a side that repels water, dirt and grime. You can choose it under color selection.

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Phill Price
Great product

This is the third mat that we have bought for our Labrador gun dogs. They are wet and muddy everyday and being able to dry them quickly and easily makes our lives easier.


该垫子柔软舒适,适合狗狗躺在上面,对于所有养湿狗的狗主人来说也是一个很好的实用辅助工具。这款狗垫具有天然抗菌和除臭功能,采用 Wet2Dry 技术,可吸收高达自身重量 7 倍的水分。 FlexDog 垫子可用作擦干湿狗的辅助工具,从洗澡到雨天散步。您还可以在旅途中将垫子用作汽车的狗垫,并保护您的汽车免受水和污垢的侵害。使用 FlexDog 垫子,您的爱犬可以安静地晾干,而您可以让家里保持干燥,爪子不会脏。


Siccaro FlexDog 易于使用和维护

我们的 FlexDog 狗毯有两种尺寸可供选择,可以折叠以放入狗床、运输箱、汽车或用作狗笼的垫子。内层透气且减震,让狗狗在运输过程中体验到最大的舒适度,但超强吸水性的竹粘胶外层会吸收狗狗皮毛和爪子上的水分。


材质:外层:88% 竹粘胶纤维,12% 涤纶内层:85% 粘胶纤维,15% 涤纶内芯:100% 涤纶当您想要清洗干燥垫时,您可以轻松取下外层并在 30 摄氏度的温度下清洗.最好不要使用含酵素的洗衣粉。洗涤后在织物仍湿润时拉伸(如羊毛衫)以减少缩水。

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