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Supreme 2.0 是我们最通用、最畅销的狗狗吸水快干外套的升级版。有了它,无论是在海滩或狩猎时,还是在沐浴之后,当您需要擦干您的爱犬时,您都可以大大节省时间并且避免了使用普通湿毛巾的不便。 Supreme 2.0 可以有效抗菌并减少狗狗身上潮湿的气味。这件外套通过减少狗狗潮湿和寒冷的时间来保护您的爱犬,使用时不影响您的爱犬自由活动,使狗狗快干的时间约为 15 分钟。Supreme 2.0 可在 30 度水温下机洗,非常适合日常使用和户外运动使用。

SUPREME 2.0 性能总结:

– 具有 400 克超强吸水性的 Wet2Dry 纺织面料
– 可以吸收自身重量 7 倍的水
– 减少潮湿狗狗的气味并保护汽车和家庭免受狗狗身上的水和污垢的侵害
– 胸部和颈部采用全新优化贴合设计
– 新的橙色织带由可持续的 ECONYL 尼龙制成 - 来自从海洋收集的塑料
– 沿着领口的缝线采用新反光板,在漆黑的夜晚提供更好的能见度


Customer Reviews

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Anneli Andersson.

Supreme 2.0 / 55

Corina Barton
Super Drying Coat

I have had my Siccarro dog coat for about four years now and it still does the job aswell as it did at the time of purchase.
I have a spaniel and a Labrador and it dries the dogs quickly so I never have wet dog smell in the house. Both dogs love wearing it too. It’s easy to keep clean just pop it in the washing machine. It’s stood the test of time ie zips still work and buckles attached etc. Worth the investment.

Alyssa Zupan
Amazing Product!

I got hooked on these for my dogs! Each one has one now and they are amazing quality and seriously work. I have a Newf and it’s a lifesaver after baths and water activities.


We and our dog Sansa really like the product. Thank you for making it so much easier with a wet dog. It is a little too big right now, but Sansa is only 6 months old, so she will grow in to it.

Henry Christensen
Best ever

This was the best det thing ever for my dog. After the bath she was dried in less than 15 minuters🙏😊😊

Updated version of the bestseller SupremePro

The Supreme 2.0 drying coat is an updated model of our most popular and most absorbent dog drying robe SupremePro. Supreme 2.0 is perfect for anyone with a water-loving dog that often gets wet and usually takes a long time to dry or for you who have a working dog.

Supreme 2.0 has max absorbency with 400 grams of Wet2Dry-textile and outer bamboo viscose layer. The model has a better fit with greater mobility and a sustainable band made of Econyl nylon.


Wet2Dry technology

At the heart of our drying coats is Wet2Dry® technology: two layers that work together to absorb water from the dog's fur and wick it away. In all products in the Wet2Dry series, the inner layer consists of a
specially designed non-woven viscose blend optimized for maximum absorbency and durability.

A closer look at Supreme 2.0

The Siccaro drying coats are the most absorbent in the world, compared to other similar dog coats / dog bathrobes, precisely because of the innovative absorbent material that all our drying coats contain. This material means that the dog's drying suit can absorb up to 7 times its own weight in water - and therefore retains so much moisture that most dogs can use the coat several times before washing.

Instructions for use: Guide the dog's head through the neck opening. Pull the t-piece between the dog's front legs and let the ends meet on the dog's back, where it is tightened and adjusted. The neck can be folded down if you want to free the ears. Finally, fasten the elastic around each rear leg.

To cool your dog: Soak Supreme 2.0 in cold water, wring excess water out of the blanket and put it on the dog for approx. 30 minutes.

Maintenance: After use, hang Supreme 2.0 to dry. Supreme 2.0 can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius, and hung to dry or tumbled at a low temperature. Do not use enzyme-containing washing powder. Stretch after washing while the fabric is still wet (as with a wool sweater) to reduce shrinkage.

Material: Outer layer: 88% viscose from bamboo, 12% polyester.

Inner layer: 85% viscose, 15% polyester.

Warning: Never leave a Siccaro drying coat on a dog with access to swimming unsupervised. The coat can absorb so much water, it can become heavy and can endanger the dog

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