Supreme 2.0 / 35

Color: Blue Granite
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Try the Supreme 2.0 drying coat, our newest in the range of effective drying robes for dogs. The updated model of SupremePro offers 400g Wet2Dry with maximum absorbency, so you can get the dog's fur 90% dry in just 15 minutes. The Supreme 2.0 has a good fit for free movement and a sustainable strap made of recycled Econyl nylon. You can use it after, for example, a walk in the rain or after the dog's bath for efficient and odor-free drying.

Size 35 is one of our so-called half sizes in the Supreme 2.0 drying coat. It fits small dogs that otherwise fall between size 30 and 40. It can be, for example, some cotton dogs, pugs, and most cavalier king charles spaniels. But always feel free to measure and check with our size guide before you buy.

Note: Supreme 2.0 is a bit large in size, so if you normally use size 35 in one of the other models, and if the measurement of the dog is right on the edge, you may well have to go down to a size 30 in this model.

Hang to dry after use. Wash as needed. Can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees. Preferably use detergent without enzymes or other gentle products. No fabric softener.

Note: Some of the pictures are taken of an early version of the coat and the actual elastic bands around the legs will not be red, but will be of the same colour as the coat you choose

Customer Reviews

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We and our dog Sansa really like the product. Thank you for making it so much easier with a wet dog. It is a little too big right now, but Sansa is only 6 months old, so she will grow in to it.

Henry Christensen
Best ever

This was the best det thing ever for my dog. After the bath she was dried in less than 15 minuters🙏😊😊

Helen Svärd
Torr hund

Har haft med täcket på ripjakten och vi är supernöjda. Det tar ca 15 min och hunden är torr.

Love love the new style and Red is our favourite colour

We have had 2 Supreme Pro drying coats for several years and been very happy, with 3 dogs the girls had to share

I ordered the Supreme 2.0 and its lovely, it has extra coverage down the legs and Tess looks very stylish in Red :-)

So impressed that it only took 10 days to arrive. thankyou so much

Therese Andrijevski
Great quality!

We have only used it once, but it was a perfect fit and it dried most of the fur on our Labradoodle. I only kept it on for 15 min but I could have left it on for longer. The quality is outstanding I’d dare say! Highly recommend!

畅销书 SupremePro 的更新版本

Supreme 2.0 干燥外套是我们最受欢迎和最吸水的狗干燥长袍 SupremePro 的更新型号。 Supreme 2.0 非常适合爱水、经常弄湿、通常需要很长时间才能干的狗,或者是工作犬的您。

Supreme 2.0 具有与 SupremePro 相同的吸收力,具有 400 克的 Wet2Dry 织物和外竹粘胶层。该模型具有更好的贴合性和更大的移动性和由 Econyl 尼龙制成的可持续表带。

与其他类似的狗狗外套/狗狗浴袍相比,Siccaro 干燥外套是世界上吸水性最强的,这正是因为我们所有的干燥套装都包含创新的吸收材料。这种材料意味着狗的干燥服可以吸收高达其自身重量 7 倍的水分 - 因此可以保持大量水分,大多数狗可以在洗涤前多次使用外套。

使用说明:引导狗的头部穿过颈部开口。将 T 型件拉到狗的前腿之间,让两端在狗的背部相遇,在那里收紧和调整。如果您想释放耳朵,可以将颈部向下折叠。最后,系紧每条后腿周围的松紧带。

为您的爱犬降温:将 Supreme 2.0 浸泡在冷水中,从毛毯中拧干多余的水,然后将其放在爱犬身上约 3 分钟。 30分钟。

保养:使用后将Supreme 2.0挂起来晾干。 Supreme 2.0 可在 30 摄氏度下洗涤,并可在低温下悬挂晾干或翻滚。不要使用含酵素的洗衣粉。洗涤后在织物仍湿润时拉伸(如羊毛衫)以减少缩水。

材质:外层:88% 竹纤维粘胶纤维,12% 涤纶。

内层:85% 粘胶纤维,15% 涤纶。

警告:切勿将 Supreme 2.0 留在无人监督下游泳的狗身上。