Siccaro DryGlove 1pcs (promo) DryGloves and others ElmwoodSiccaro DryGlove 1pcs (promo) DryGloves and others Blue Granite

DryGlove 1pcs (promo)

Siccaro DryGlove 2pcs (pair) DryGloves and others Blue GraniteSiccaro DryGlove 2pcs (pair) DryGloves and others Bamboo

DryGlove 2pcs (pair)

Siccaro Recovery / 70 Warming coats AntraciteSiccaro Recovery / 70 Warming coats

Recovery / 70

Siccaro Recovery / 60 Warming coats AntraciteSiccaro Recovery / 60 Warming coats

Recovery / 60

Siccaro Recovery / 40 Warming coatsSiccaro Recovery / 40 Warming coats Olive

Recovery / 40

Siccaro Pro-tect vest Warming coats BlackSiccaro Pro-tect vest Warming coats
On sale

Pro-tect vest

€77 €110
Siccaro Solution / 70 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Solution / 70 Drying Coats

Solution / 70

Siccaro Solution / 60 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Solution / 60 Drying Coats

Solution / 60

Siccaro Solution / 55 Drying Coats ElmwoodSiccaro Solution / 55 Drying Coats

Solution / 55

Siccaro Solution / 45 Drying Coats ElmwoodSiccaro Solution / 45 Drying Coats

Solution / 45

Siccaro Smart / 60 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Smart / 60 Drying Coats

Smart / 60

Siccaro Smart / 55 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Smart / 55 Drying Coats

Smart / 55

Siccaro Smart / 50 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Smart / 50 Drying Coats

Smart / 50

Siccaro Smart / 45 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Smart / 45 Drying Coats

Smart / 45

Siccaro Smart / 40 Drying Coats Zinfandel redSiccaro Smart / 40 Drying Coats

Smart / 40

Siccaro Smart / 35 Drying Coats ElmwoodSiccaro Smart / 35 Drying Coats

Smart / 35


Super absorbent coat for your dog in different models

Our most popular product, namely dog ​​drying blankets, is designed to make your everyday life easier and increase your dog's well-being. The Wet2Dry technology makes the material super absorbent and dries the dog in just 15-20 minutes. Our dog blankets have an ergonomic fit that gives your dog free movement. Adjustable and practical buckles ensure that you can adjust the blanket to your dog. All our drying blankets are easy to clean and can be washed by hand or at 30 degrees in the machine. See our guide to washing here.

Protective vests and warm coats for active dogs

If you take your dog hunting, you can invest in our temperature-regulating PRO-TECT vest, which is specially designed to protect your dog in challenging terrain while hunting. Our warm coats are perfect for dogs with a heavy workload as they keep your dog warm after training and help with recovery as the coat reflects the dog's body heat and stimulates blood circulation.

Drying mats with innovative Wet2Dry technology

Siccaro drying mats are made from the same absorbent Wet2Dry material you know from our drying coats. The dog mats have a breathable and shock-absorbing core that allows water, dirt and air to pass through. Give your dog a dry and comfortable surface with a Siccaro dog mat, whether it's after a rainy walk, a bath or in the car.

DryGloves and dog towels

Our soft DryGloves and EasyDry towels are made of highly absorbent bamboo viscose and are perfect for quickly and gently drying your dog's sensitive areas, such as the head, ears or paws. Siccaro gloves and towels can absorb 7 times their own weight in water and are also antibacterial and odor reducing. They work well as a supplement to a drying coat after a long walk on the beach or in the rain with your best friend.

Durable dog leads and collars made of 100% recycled nylon

Our lightweight and compact dog leashes and collars are made from recyclable ECONYL nylon. The leashes are adjustable from 106 cm to 200 cm, and our collars are suitable for small as well as large dogs.

Explore our selections and give yourself and your dog a well-deserved upgrade with quality equipment from Siccaro. If you need advice and guidance, you are always welcome to contact us.


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