Spirit 2.0 / 70

Color: New Camo
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Spirit 2.0 is a drying coat developed for the active dog that spends many hours outdoors hunting or training. In addition to the super-absorbent inner layer, the Spirit 2.0 drying robe has a water-repellent outer layer with rip-stop weaving, which makes it more resistant to rain and wind. The drying coat is made with bamboo viscose which has a natural antibacterial and odor-reducing effect. With Spirit 2.0 at hand, you save both time and effort when you need to dry your wet dog.

Size 70 is the largest size we have in the model Spirit 2.0. It often fits large German Shepherds, large Golden Retrievers and smaller Bernese Mountain Dogs. Spirit 2.0 has a design that makes it a little large in size, so if you have a slim dog / dog with a thin neck, you may have to consider going down a size.

Hang to dry after use. Wash as needed. Can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees celsius. Preferably use detergent without enzymes or other gentle products. No fabric softener.

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Water repellent drying coat

Spirit 2.0 – New Camo is our new redesigned and optimized version of Spirit. The model has a new and improved fit, as well as a water-repellent outer layer. In addition, the rip-stop weaving method is used, which strengthens the material against being torn apart when the dog is dried in the terrain. Spirit is an ideal drying coat for especially active outdoor dogs and working dogs.

Spirit 2.0 water repellent drying coat

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