Drying coats with innovative Wet2Dry fabric

What makes the Siccaro drying coats for dogs the most absorbent drying coats in the world is the ground-breaking Wet2Dry technology, which consists of two layers of fabric that work together to absorb water from the fur and wick it away. The inner layer consists of a specially designed viscose mixture that ensures optimal water absorption, and the outer layer consists of odor-reducing viscose terry. All our dog drying coats can hold up to 7 times their own weight in water and dry 90% of the moisture in just 15 minutes.

Ergonomic drying coats ensure free movement

Our dog drying coats have a design made to ensure your dog has optimal comfort when they wear them. That's why all our models are designed with an ergonomic cut that ensures the best fit for your dog. The buckles are easy to adjust according to the dog's size, and our models with longer necks can be folded up and down according to you and your dog’s needs.

Practical and easy to clean

Dog drying mats from Siccaro are as easy to clean as they are to use. You can use dog drying coats from Siccaro in several situations:

  • After a walk in the rain
  • If your dog has jumped into a muddy puddle
  • After the dog has has a swim or a bath
  • If your dog has been running in tall wet grass
  • When it snows

You can easily use the drying coat a few times before washing it. All the coats can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30 degrees celcius on a short wash cycle. You can read our guide to washing here.

A fantastic investment for you and your dog

A drying coat from Siccaro is an investment in both your dog's well-being and an easier everyday life for you. Keep an eye on our selection where you can find great deals on our professional and ergonomic dog drying coats

What are dog drying coats made of?

Dog drying coats are normally made of highly absorbent and quick-drying materials and can be made of a range of materials such as microfiber, terry cloth and cotton. Dog drying coats from Siccaro are made from an antibacterial and odor reducing bamboo-viscose terry cloth. Siccaro dog drying coats are created with our innovative Wet2Dry technology consisting of two layers that absorb the water from the fur and release it into the air. 

Are dog drying coats any good?

Dog drying coats have several advantages. They provide efficient drying and dry your dog 90% in just 15 minutes which reduces time and effort when drying your dog. Dog drying coats reduce the smell of wet dog and protect your dog from getting chills as they add a layer of insulation. Siccaro dog drying coats are designed to take care of your dog’s health as they are antibacterial and ergonomic.

What is a drying coat for dogs?

A drying coat for dogs, also called a drying robe or a dogrobe, is a garment that is specially designed for dogs to wear after a bath, a swim or a walk in the rain. It is a convenient and efficient time-saver when it comes to drying your dog as well as an excellent way to provide your dog with comfort and insulation. 

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