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Color: Elmwood

The Smart drying coat is a quick and effective solution for the wet dog. Get 90% dry fur in just 15 minutes and avoid the sour smell of wet dog in your home and car. Smart has the same quick drying effect as the other models, but is made with 250g Wet2Dry textile and can therefore only be used 1-2 times a day (depending on the amount of water) before it needs to be hung to dry. Fortunately, Smart also dries itself faster again. Perfect for use at the beach, in the car on the way home from a rainy walk or after a bath.

Size 50 is a good middle size that fits most Labrador Retrievers, smaller Aussies and Border Collies. Always remember to measure the dog and check with our size guide.

Hang to dry after use. Wash as needed. Can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees celsius. Preferably use detergent without enzymes or other gentle products. No fabric softener.

Customer Reviews

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Relatively expensive but worth the price.

After trying out many dog ​​bathrobes, I finally came across the Siccaro. While others, some more expensive, some cheaper, just don't fit properly, the Siccaro fits perfectly. With other bathrobes, the front legs sometimes slip through the neckline when the dog lies down, the bathrobe doesn't stay where it should and ultimately the couch gets wet anyway.
The Siccaro is relatively expensive, but before buying several cheap products that don't keep their promises, it's better to buy this good bathrobe once.
I don't know whether the bathrobe dries the fur faster, because my long-haired dogs dry extremely slowly. But because the coat fits well, I can leave it on the dog for longer without it being too tight or uncomfortable for him. I can also continue to use it in the car without having to worry about the dog strangling itself, like with other bathrobes.

Caroline Westerberg

Köpte denna till min lilla mops. När täcket kom var det ganska långt, trots att jag hade köpt det som passade hennes längd. Så lite stor i storlek skulle jag säga.
Badade henne och satte på täcket som blev genomblött direkt. Visst blev hon mindre blöt, men torr vill jag inte säga att hon blev. Ganska långt ifrån skulle jag nog säga. Nu har ju en mops väldigt tät hårrem så det kanske hänger på det.

Mosolygó-Fekete Nikolett

Smart / 40

Love it!

Super happy with my drying coat from Siccaro, it works great! Size 55 fits my Aussie male perfect and his fur dries amazingly fast.

Cecilia Fors

Toppen bra! Önskar att den fanns i storlek 65 också!


smart dog drying coat

Smart is a new drying coat for dogs from Siccaro, redesigned with a new and improved fit based on feedback and wishes from our customers.The drying robe has clean lines and fewer seams for better coverage where it is needed, as well as better shape and flexibility, so that the coat is both comfortable and easy for the dog to move in.


Wet2Dry technology

At the heart of our drying coats is Wet2Dry® technology: two layers that work together to absorb water from the dog's fur and wick it away. In all products in the Wet2Dry series, the inner layer consists of a specially designed non-woven viscose blend optimized for maximum absorbency and durability.

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