EasyDry Dog Towel

Color: Grey

- Silky smooth viscose terry obtained from bamboo fibres
- Antibacterial and odor reducing
- Absorbs 5 times its own weight
- Stores easily in a sewn-in pocket
- Does not generate static electricity

Material: 92% viscose from bamboo, 8% microfiber

Size: 100 x 38 cm

The Siccaro EasyDry towel is the perfect towel for dogs. It is a good supplement to the drying blanket, so that you can effectively and quickly dry the dog's paws, ears and tail after a trip to the beach or a walk in the rain. It is easy and practical to take with you on a trip to the beach, on the go in the car or to keep in the summer house as an extra towel for the dog.

Siccaros dog towel is developed from viscose terry, which is extracted from bamboo fibres, which makes the towel antibacterial and odor reducing. The Siccaro EasyDry dog ​​towel absorbs 5 times its own weight in water and has smart hand pockets sewn in for an easier grip on the material.

Siccaro is the best alternative to dog towels

The Siccaro dog drying coats are super absorbent and reduce the smell of wet dog. Get your dog dry in just 15 minutes and forget all about smelly towels. Try our FlexDog mat as well for a comfortable place for the dog to dry or sleep or when driving in the car.

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