spirit 2.0 + flexdog camo

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Save 30% on the FlexDog camo drying mat when you buy a Spirit 2.0 drying coat for the dog.

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From 1st - 15th of September 2023

For the active dog

Make the hunt easier

The Spirit 2.0 drying coat is our ultimate outdoor drying coat for the active dog who, for example, goes hunting.

With 400 grams of super-absorbent Wet2Dry-fabric on the inside and a water-repellent exterior, the Spirit 2.0 is made especially with dog handlers and their gun dogs in mind.

The FlexDog camo mat has the same super-absorbent effect on one side and water-repellent effect on the other.

Keep your dog warm and dry

Reduce the risk of injury

By keeping the dog dry and warm, you reduce the risk of him getting injured after an active day in the field.

The coat absorbs 90% of the moisture out of the fur in just 15 minutes and leaves the dog nice and warm while it waits for you in the car.

ergonomic and shock absorbing

the best dog mat

The FlexDog drying mat has a 3D mesh inside, which provides optimal support and comfort for the dog. This net makes the mat shock-absorbing and therefore safe to use in the back of the car while driving – also for longer trips.

In addition, the exterior of the mat also helps to keep the dog dry and absorb moisture from paws, legs and belly. The FlexDog mat also helps to regulate the dog's body temperature, so that it is neither too hot nor cold.

Siccaro FlexDog Drying Mats / Mini Drying Mats

The Flexdog mat up close

Used by professionals

Recommended by veterinarians

"Actually, I think all dog breeds benefit from a drying coat." - Marika Kristensen, Veterinarian at Ølby Animal Hospital

A drying coat is not only a great help in everyday life with a wet dog, but also an advantage for the dog's well-being. Several vets recommend Siccaro for water-loving dogs and active dogs, as a dry and warm dog has less risk of being affected by, for example, skin diseases such as hotspots or muscle and joint injury as a result of an active life.