RainForce / 35

  • Produced in the EU
  • Delivery 2 – 7 days in the EU
  • 14 days return
Color: Green
NOTE: Some customers have observed Rainforce as being large in size. If your dog's measurement is close to a lower limit of a size, go down half a size.

Waterproof rain coat for dogs with an inner layer of bamboo fleece which keeps the dog warm in chilly weather. Outer layer repels the rain on wet walks, while the inner layer with bamboo charcoal fibres reflects the natural body heat of the dog keeping it warm and stimulating the blood circulation. Perfect for use on a rainy day or for dogs who easily get cold and need a little bit of help keeping warm.

Machine wash at 30 degrees if needed. Hang to dry. Do NOT tumble dry.

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Keep your dog dry and warm in the rain

Rainforce is the new rain jacket for dogs from Siccaro. With a waterproof exterior and an inner layer of bamboo fleece, we have created a warm, soft and functional rain coat for rainy days.

The bamboo fleece has interwoven bamboo coal fibers that reflect the dog's own body heat. This way, the dog is kept warm naturally without overheating. The soft interior also prevents the rain jacket from becoming clammy and damp for the dog to wear.


To accommodate as many dogs as possible, the Rainforce rain jacket comes in two different designs. One specially made for small dogs and one for large ones. In this way, even the small but broad chested dogs, such as French Bulldogs, Pugs and the like, can be well dressed for the autumn and winter weather.

Rainforce is available from size 25 - 70, which roughly fits from the very small Terrier dogs and up to large
German Shepherds. One design covers sizes 25 - 40, the other sizes 45 - 70.

Instructions for use: Guide the dog's head through the opening. Pull the t-piece between the dog's front legs and let the ends meet on the dog's back, where it is tightened and adjusted with the buckle. Finally, put the elastic bands around each back leg.

Maintenance: After use, hang Rainforce to dry. Rainforce should only be washed as needed, just like your own rainwear. It can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius and hung to dry. Preferably use enzyme-free washing powder. DO NOT tumble dry.


Outer layer: 65% cotton, 35% polyester

Inner layer: 100% bamboo fleece

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