4 good reasons to invest in an effective drying of the horse's legs

You are ready for a wet and muddy autumn – and at the same time prevent mud fever.

Mud fever is an annoying problem for many horses and their riders. There may be swelling, sores or crusts on the leg, and while the treatment is on-going, the horse is forced to stay indoors in severe cases. As soon as we enter the rainy, humid and muddy months, the risk of the developing mud fever increases.

The most important remedy is simply to wash the horse's legs clean of mud and dirt, dry them quickly and efficiently so that the moisture from the wash is gone. It’s a common misconception that the most important thing is to wash the legs, and it is very important, but the drying afterwards is actually just as important.

With Sahara Multi-Functional Boots, the legs will dry in only 15 minutes – and the inner pad can absorb moisture and water for the equivalent of approx. 6 wet horse legs.

You save precious time

With the drying boots on, you can now relax from drying the legs by hand with the help of towels. They dry completely on their own, and in the meantime, you have time to do other tasks in the stable. It’s also a clever way to keep the legs clean at the same time, as the boots covers from just under the knee down to the fetlock. If tomorrow’s plan is to go to a competition where the legs need to look presentable, you can without any stress assure yourself that the legs will be both dry and clean, either if you wash them the day before or just right before leaving the stable.

Not only one function, but four – all in one product

In addition to the essential drying function, with Siccaro’s Sahara Multi-Functional Boots you also get warming-, cooling- and protecting functions.

The boots consist of two parts that can be separated: a pad and an outer layer of neopren. The pad can be wet or soaked in water, put in the freezer for approx. 1 hour and be used for cooling of the legs. The neoprene layer can be placed directly against the horse's legs and with its Fir Skin T+ technology, they will reflect the heat back, which reduces lactic acid and stimulates blood circulation. It’s perfect to use after cooling, or during night to support the blood circulation evenly throughout the night.

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