5 Reasons why Siccaro's robe is the best investment for you and your dog

A nice dry dog is not a luxury: here are 5 reasons why your dog (and you!) will benefit from Siccaro's drying coat:


  1. Hands-free drying: Imagine a way to dry your dog that is entirely hands-free, and does away with heavy, wet, stinky towels. A way to dry your dog which protects the inside of your car, or your sofa, or your lovely newly-painted wall. That's the Siccaro dog drying coat.
  2. No more heavy, smelly, wet towels or noisy, hot hairdryers: Siccaro’s dog drying coat is so simple, so quick and so easy. Dogs love it. There is no wrestling with old towels, or trying to get your dog to sit still as you try to use a blow dryer. Towels are a real pain to dry properly afterwards, and dogs hate loud noise.
  3. Quick-drying, for your dog, and the coat: Simply slip the coat over the dog's head, buckle up under their belly, and leave them to run around, gnaw a bone, or snuggle up on a Siccaro FlexDog mat, and he/she will be dry in around ten minutes. Once your dog is dry, if you hang it up somewhere with a reasonable air flow, the drying coat itself will dry in a matter of minutes.
  4. Banish the smell of wet dog: Thanks to its anti-odour properties, Siccaro’s Wet2Dry technology minimises the smell of a wet dog. It is the best drying coat for the most popular breeds in the UK: Golden Retrievers, Labradoodles, Labradors and Spaniels, and works fantastically for the vast majority of long and short-haired breeds. New Foundland owners love it!
  5. A dry dog is a healthy dog. The more time your dog is wet or damp or cold, the greater the toll on its health, particularly in terms of arthritis. There is no faster, easier way to dry your dog than a Siccaro drying coat and FlexDog mat. What’s more, Siccaro products are high quality products, designed in Denmark, made in Europe, designed to last, from 100% sustainable materials.

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