Got a water-loving dog? Here's how you can protect your car:

For most of us, our cars are our second most expensive investment after our homes, but few things are more damaging to a car interior than a wet dog. The smell, the mud, the loose hair!

Let Siccaro come to your rescue. Our dog drying robes, and soft, spring, super-comfy Flexmats, will help you look after your dog, and your car.

Our drying coats are the world’s most efficient and easy-to-use dog drying robe. Simply slip it over your dog’s back, buckle up under the belly, and your dog can snuggle up and relax on the back seat staying warm and getting dry in minutes. No fuss, no effort, maximum efficiency, maximum comfort and warmth.

While the drying coat dries your dog, Siccaro’s Flexmat is the perfect way to keep them comfy and protect your seats and/car boot area. It features the same wet-to-dry technology as our drying coat, which means it greatly reduces the odour of wet dog and it gathers up any lose hair too. As all dog owners know, as much as we love our dogs, we are not so keen on their smell when they are wet, and that smell has a nasty tendency to linger in the seats and trim of your car. Not with Siccaro products!

Siccaro’s drying coats are the best drying coats for all the most popular breeds: Golden Retrievers, Labradoodles, Labradors and Spaniels. New Foundland owners love it! And if it can work on fab-shaggy Foundies, it can work on any breed!

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