Working dogs deserve the best: gun dogs, field work, or training

Buying and training a dog - whether for field work, as a gun dog, or as any other form of service dog - is a major investment of time, money and effort.

If you’ve invested so much, then you will want to care for your working dog by keeping it as warm and dry as possible. Whether winter training, or during the cold months of the game-shooting season, your dog is likely to get wet, either from rain or from retrieving in lakes, streams and rivers. And the more a dog is left cold and wet, especially during the winter months, the more that will impact its health and productivity later in life.

To dry your dog quickly and easily, nothing is quicker and more cost-effective than a Siccaro dog drying coat: just slip the drying robe over your dog’s head, buckle up under the belly, and you can leave it to dry by itself - it takes a matter of minutes. There is none of the effort of towel drying, and no heavy, dirty wet towels to deal with afterwards.

Plus, if you need to leave wet dogs in a car or van - for instance during a refreshment or lunch break - a soft, spongey, super-comfortable Siccaro Flexmat will provide a perfect place, and is also another easy way to dry your dog, thanks to its super-absorbent wet-to-dry technology and fabrics.

Siccaro’s drying coat is the best drying coat for all the most popular breeds: Golden Retrievers, Labradoodles, Labradors and Spaniels. New Foundland owners love it! And if it can work on fab-shaggy Foundies, it can work on any breed!

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