Why use a drying coat to dry your dog instead of a towel?

You may have been doing okay using just towels to dry your wet dog so far. But why make it more difficult than it needs to be? With a Siccaro drying coat it’s easy and convenient to keep your dog dry and clean. Instead of coming home to a frantic round of towel tugging, let the drying robe do the work for you. In just 15 minutes 80-90% of the moisture is out of the dog's fur. And you have a happy and dry dog.


Avoid the smell of wet dog

When using a towel on a soaking dog, you only manage to dry the surface. And the sour smell of wet dog is dragged into both your car and home. But you can get rid of that with the Siccaro drying coats. The coat is designed to be a help for both dog and owner and with the antibacterial bamboo fibres, the otherwise characteristic bad smell disappears. You can even hang it to dry indoors without any odor problems. If you on the other hand use dog towels to dry the dog with, you can quickly collect a wet smelly pile of extra laundry.

Springer Spaniel and red Labrador Retriever not smelling in their Siccaro Supreme 2.0 drying coats

Save lots of time – and use it together with your dog!

Our drying robes consist of a super absorbent bamboo viscose blend, which absorbs so well and can hold so much liquid that most dogs are dry in 15-20 minutes. No more leaving the dog to dry alone and sad in the dog basket, the utility room or outside on the terrace. Now you can enjoy drying time together, whether it's with a relaxed nap on the couch or playing in the garden.

Labrador dog in a Siccaro Solution drying coat having fun with its owner playing with a frisbee

Less cleaning for you in both the home and the car

When the dog is wearing a drying coat, it can still shake as it usually does when it’s wet. But unlike a towel, the drying coat sits on the dog and ensures that your walls and floors are not splashed wet. You can also use the drying coat on the way home in the car from a walk in the rain or a trip to the beach. Our drying mat FlexDog mat is also a really good help here. It uses the same super-absorbent material as the robes and is very comfortable for the dog to lie on while it dries, as it has a shock-absorbing and cooling 3D core inside.

A wet dog laying and drying on a Siccaro FlexDog drying mat

Our dog drying coat can be used in both cold and warm weather

In cold weather, the dog is also kept nice and warm when it walks in its drying coat. Many dogs eventually suffer from arthritis, which the use of a drying robe can help prevent by keeping the dog warm when it is wet. Hunting dogs also benefit greatly from wearing a coat, as they are out for a long time and often get wet and cold. Dogs that freeze very easily in winter can also benefit greatly from a Siccaro drying robe that can both keep them warm and dry them quickly.

In hot weather, the Siccaro drying coats can actually also be used to cool the dog down. If you soak the coat in cold water, wring it and then put it on the dog, it helps to cool the body down effectively on a hot summer day. You can read a step-by-step guide to using the Siccaro coat as a cooling blanket here.

Epagneul Picard dog in the Siccaro Solution drying coat in frost weather in winter

Less trouble for both you and your dog

Not all dogs are equally happy to be rubbed from head to tail with a towel as soon as they walk in the door. With a drying coat your dog is free to move around while it dries. And you don't have to stand and rub for an eternity and worry about whether the dog is now planning to shake off more water again. The drying coat is also easy to put on the dog and closes with a simple buckle that clicks across the back.

Dachshund Carlo in the Siccaro Smart drying coat at the beach with the ClickLock buckle clear in view around the stomach

Reuse several times before washing

In fact, we also guarantee that you will do less laundry, as our dog drying coats can be reused over and over again before they need to be washed. More times than any towels can. The coat’s absorbent material can absorb as much as 7 times its own weight in water! Therefore, most dogs, depending on their fur length, can use both the Supreme 2.0, Solution and Spirit 2.0 coats up to three times in a row and still end up completely dry.


So do yourself and your dog a favor and try a Siccaro drying coat - we promise you will experience the difference.

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