How to cool your dog using the Siccaro drying coat

The method is simple:

1. Wet the drying coat in cold water

The first step is, of course, to get the coat wet. Since you want to cool the dog, it is best to use cold water. The easiest is if you have a bucket big enough to put the drying robe in. You pour the water in first and then soak the blanket for 10-15 seconds.

2. Wring out the excess water

When you take the coat out of the bucket, it has absorbed a lot of liquid. So in order not to burden the dog with a robe that is too heavy, it is best if you just wring out the worst excess water. It is easiest to do outdoors or in the bath/shower, so you avoid spilling water all over the floor.

3. Put the wet coat on the dog - but for no more than 30 minutes

Now you are ready to give the dog its cooling coat! The soaked drying coat cools the dog down, but in hot weather the water naturally evaporates again after some time. Exactly how long the dog must keep the wet robe on depends on what the weather is like. On very sunny days it can go fairly quickly, so we always recommend taking it off again after a maximum of 30 minutes. Then you are sure that your dog will not end up getting too hot again.

Our customers are behind the idea – and won bronze!

The idea of ​​using the drying coats to cool with, instead of just to dry with, actually came from some of our first customers. It was the Danish IWT national team who decided to try it out., when they were sent to the Czech Republic in 2015. The weather was incredibly hot and the dogs were not used to the heat. To help their dogs cool down and avoid overheating, they came up with the idea of ​​soaking the coats in cold water and thus cooling the dogs down with them on during the breaks. They ended up with a nice 3rd place and a bronze medal - and reported back to us excitedly! Since then they’ve continued to use our coats in everyday life as well as in competitions and winning gold in 2021.

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