Supreme 2.0 / 40

Color: Blue Granite

The Supreme 2.0 is an upgrade to our most versatile and best-selling drying coat. With it at hand, you save time and avoid trouble with wet towels when you need to dry your dog after the beach, the bath or the hunt. Supreme 2.0 is antibacterial and reduces the smell of wet dog. The coat protects your dog by reducing the time it is wet and cold, with a drying time of approx. 15 minutes Supreme 2.0 can be machine washed at 30 degrees and is designed to give your dog free movement. Perfect for both everyday use and for those of you who go hunting with your dog.


– With 400g super absorbent Wet2Dry textile
– Can absorb 7x its own weight in water
– Reduces the smell of wet dog and protects the car and home from water and dirt
– With a new optimized fit around the chest and neck
– With new orange webbing made of sustainable ECONYL nylon - from plastic collected from the sea
– With new reflectors along the stitching at the neck piece for better visibility on dark evenings

Note: Some of the pictures are taken of an early version of the coat and the actual elastic bands around the legs will not be red, but will be of the same colour as the coat you choose

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Updated version of the bestseller SupremePro

The Supreme 2.0 drying coat is an updated model of our most popular and most absorbent dog drying robe SupremePro. Supreme 2.0 is perfect for you with a water-loving dog that often gets wet and usually takes a long time to dry or for you who have a working dog.

Supreme 2.0 has the same absorbent power as SupremePro with 400 grams of Wet2Dry-textile and outer bamboo viscose layer. The model has a better fit with greater mobility and a sustainable band made of Econyl nylon.

The Siccaro drying coats are the most absorbent in the world, compared to other similar dog coats / dog bathrobes, precisely because of the innovative absorbent material that all our drying suits contain. This material means that the dog's drying suit can absorb up to 7 times its own weight in water - and therefore retains so much moisture that most dogs can use the coat several times before washing.

Instructions for use: Guide the dog's head through the neck opening. Pull the t-piece between the dog's front legs and let the ends meet on the dog's back, where it is tightened and adjusted. The neck can be folded down if you want to free the ears. Finally, fasten the elastic around each rear leg.

To cool your dog: Soak Supreme 2.0 in cold water, wring excess water out of the blanket and put it on the dog for approx. 30 minutes.

Maintenance: After use, hang Supreme 2.0 to dry. Supreme 2.0 can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius, and hung to dry or tumbled at a low temperature. Do not use enzyme-containing washing powder. Stretch after washing while the fabric is still wet (as with a wool sweater) to reduce shrinkage.

Material: Outer layer: 88% viscose from bamboo, 12% polyester.

Inner layer: 85% viscose, 15% polyester.

Warning: Never leave Supreme 2.0 on a dog with access to swimming unsupervised.

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