EasyDry Tail Dryer / Horse

Color: Grey

The EasyDry tail dryer is a quick and effective drying solution for your horse's tail. Made with bamboo viscose known from our towels for dogs.

- Dries the horse's wet tail in 15 minutes
- Absorbs 5x its own weight
- Can dry one tail at a time, but quickly dries again on its own.
- Antibacterial and odor reducing material
- Light, durable, comfortable, safe
- Can be machine washed at 30 degrees and tumble dried on low heat

- Secure the open end with the velcro band at the base of the tail
- Put the wet tail into the drying bag
- Twist the drying bag several times until it fits tightly and tightly around the tail and bend it up towards the root of the tail
- Attach the lower Velcro strap through the metal D-ring

In 15 minutes the horse's tail will have achieved a dryness that makes it perfect for brushing and braiding, some thick tails may take 30 minutes

Care: It can dry on its own or you can wash it in the washing machine. Before washing the tail dryer in the machine, make sure that the Velcro straps are attached so that the small hooks do not catch other material during the wash. Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius (select wool/silk programme). Then tumble dry on low heat.

Siccaro is the best way to dry a wet horse

The Siccaro Sahara drying boots are super absorbent and reduce the risk of mud fever and skin infections. They save you loads of time and can be used to protect during transport as well. Get your horse dry in just 15 minutes and forget all about smelly towels. Try our Wrapido and Easydry tail drying bags as well to dry the wet tail fast and keep it clean during transport.

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