FlexDog Drying Mats / Mini

Color: Blue Granite

- FlexDog MINI comes in size 70 x 55 cm
- Dog mat with Siccaros super absorbent Wet2Dry textile
- Can absorb over 7 times its weight in water
- Antibacterial and odor-reducing bamboo material
- Protects car and home from water, dirt and dog hair
- Airy and shock-absorbing core cools and protects the dog during transport - perfect as a mat for a dog cage
- Can be easily folded and adapted as a dog blanket for e.g. basket, transport box or car seat
- The material in FlexDog MINI is just as thick as in FlexDog
- The outer layer can be machine washed and then air dried or tumbled at low heat
- The net insert can be washed by hand to remove any parasites, mold and smell

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Loved by dogs as well as their owners

The mat is soft and comfortable for the dog to lie on and is also a great practical aid for all dog owners with wet dogs. The dog mat is naturally antibacterial and odor-reducing and, with the Wet2Dry technology, absorbs up to 7 times its own weight in water. The FlexDog mat can be used as an aid for drying wet dogs after everything from a bath to a rainy walk. You can also use the mat as a dog rug for the car when you are on the move and protect your car from water and dirt. With the FlexDog mat, your dog can dry in peace, while you can keep the home dry and free of dirty paws.

FlexDog Mat

Siccaro FlexDog is easy and practical to use and maintain

Our FlexDog dog blankets are available in two sizes and can be folded so that it fits in the dog bed, the transport box, the car or as a rug for a dog cage. The inner layer is airy and shock-absorbing, so that the dog experiences maximum comfort during transport, but the super-absorbent outer layer of bamboo viscose absorbs the water from the dog's fur and paws.


Material: Outer layer: 88% viscose from bamboo, 12% polyester Inner layer: 85% viscose, 15% polyester Core: 100% polyester When you want to wash the drying mat, you easily remove the outer layer and wash at just 30C degrees. Preferably do not use enzyme-containing washing powder. Stretch after washing while the fabric is still wet (as with a wool sweater) to reduce shrinkage.

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