Siccaro X FossFlakes Dog Bed

Color: Blue Granite
This product is only sold within the EU

The ultimate dog bed - combination of Fossflake dog bed and Siccaro drying mat

– The mat absorbs water and moisture from the fur
– The bed's cover is water and dirt repellent
– Antibacterial and odor-reducing dog bed
– Both the filling in the pillows and the material in the mat are temperature-regulating and therefore do not get too hot for the dog
– Shock-absorbing core in the mat provides support for the dog's body
– The filling in the pillows retains its shape and volume (does not become flat or lumpy)
– Soft and comfortable to lie on
– Easy to clean and possible to wash at 30 degrees celcius without damage of properties (the 3D net in the mat must be removed before wash)
– The mat can be taken out and used separately in the car, for example
– 70 x 90cm

This dog bed was born from a collaboration between two Danish companies, Siccaro and Fossflakes.

Fossflakes are the creators behind a very special small 'flake' that is used in duvets and pillows to create bedding that holds the structure and regulates the temperature of the body. This means that the cushions of the dog bed do not collapse or become too hot or cold to lay the head on.

The FlexDog drying mat is the popular dog mat from Siccaro that dries wet dogs with the effective Wet2Dry technology and reduces the smell of wet dogs in the home and car. The mat also supports the dog both at rest and during transport with the innovative inner 3D mesh.

This dog bed combines comfort and functionality with a stylish Nordic design that fits in every type of home.

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the ultimate dog bed

A Danish collaboration

Siccaro and Fossflakes have joined forces to create the market's most luxurious dog bed. With our two products combined in one, we have created the ideal match for a comfortable and functional dog bed in a nice design with materials of the highest quality.

Fossflakes has created an innovative pillow filling that molds to the body, does not clump together and imitates the feeling of down without causing allergic reactions.

Our FlexDog mat is unique, as with our bamboo-based Wet2Dry textile it is super absorbent and odor reducing, and with its inner 3D mesh core supports the dog's body in a professional way. Combining the two products creates the perfect resting place for the tired dog who needs a good nap after a long (and perhaps wet) walk.

FlexDog Mat

How it's put together

Our FlexDog mat fits perfectly in the Fossflake dog bed when it is folded and provides optimal support for the body, while the Wet2Dry technology dries the wet fur.

The FlexDog mat can be taken out of the bed and be used separately in, for example, the car. The inner 3D layer is airy and shock-absorbing, so the dog experiences maximum comfort during transport, while the super-absorbent outer layer of bamboo viscose absorbs the water from the dog's fur and paws.

The Fossflakes bed

the smart little flake

Fossflakes are a unique form of loose fiber filling with the best properties of down and feathers combined with the benefits of a fiber-inspired product. The filling is durable and breathable, which helps the body temperature to regulate itself, so that the dog bed never gets too hot to lie in. The little smart flake also manages to keep its structure, so that the pillows do not collapse during or after use, but always provides good support for the dog's head.


When you want to wash the drying mat, you remove the cover and wash it at only 30 degrees. The 3D net can be easily brushed off and if needed rinsed by hand. Preferably do not use enzyme-containing washing powder. Stretch after washing while the fabric is still wet (as with a wool sweater) to reduce shrinkage.

When you want to wash the bed, you can wash both the cover and the cushions at low heat in the washing machine. You can also tumble dry both parts at low heat.

The material of the FlexDog mat:

Outer layer: 88% viscose from bamboo, 12% polyester

Inner layer: 85% viscose, 15% polyester

Core: 100% polyester (recycled)

Fossflake's bed material:

Cover: OEKO-TEX-certified Texsilk (polyester)

Cushions: 60% patented Fossflakes flakes mixed with 40% polyester ball fibers.

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