Reflect Gloves with Fir-Skin GX11 technology

Color: Black

– NEW EDITION: Now with 3 layers and therefore smaller in size than our previous model of Reflect
– Thin and warming glove (note: only suitable for weather around the freezing point or as an extra glove under other thicker gloves)
– The material reflects the body's own heat back with Fir-Skin technology
– Thumb and index finger can be used on a smartphone / touch screen
– 3 layer glove for optimal warmth without compromising on thickness
– Waterproof and breathable material
– Gives a good grip on the dog leash or horse bridle
– Available in two sizes (M and L) The gloves are quite tight, as they have to sit close to the skin to work optimally, so a size 7/M hand will be able to fit a size 8/L glove

What is Fir-Skin technology?

The fibers in the fabric of the glove are soaked in a liquid filled with titanium particles. Hence the name liquid titanium. These particles attach during the process to the fibers, which are then sewn together into the final fabric.

Titanium is the source of Far Infrared Rays (FIR), which help the body by strengthening blood circulation and strengthening the body's own production of FIR. The heat is thus reflected back onto the body and stimulates the muscles so that they can both work harder and recover better.

The substance works on all warm-blooded species, humans as well as dogs and horses. The fabric must touch or be very close to the skin, as it is the body's own heat that is reflected back.

Advantages of titanium particles:
- Natural warming of the body
- Strengthened blood circulation
- Reduces inflammation and swelling in joints
- Relieves muscle pain
- Antibacterial
- Helps the production of negative ions


Material: 65.5% Polyester/Titanium, 21% Graphite, 6.5% Spandex, 7% TPU
Weight: approx. 40g

Washing instructions:

Wash the gloves at 30 degrees Celsius
Wash with similar colors
Do not use fabric softener
Do not use bleach
Do not tumble dry

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